This 52 KW project on the roof of Ohavi Zedek synagogue was a long time in the making. It was clear from the beginning that the building roof was a good site for a solar array. Despite facing more west than south, the size of the roof along with the very minimal shading makes it one of the best solar roofs of any religious institution in Burlington. In addition, the synagogue has an active Social Action Committee that wanted a project like this to happen.

The key to making this project happen was finding a way for someone to own the system who could take advantage of the available federal tax credits that a non-profit religious institution cannot use. DC Energy was able to find an organization that could help make this happen.

The synagogue is now able to host a solar array and get a small amount of economic benefit from the beginning. More importantly, the congregation is able to show their commitment to making a difference in the world by making maximum use of the building roof space for generating clean, non carbon producing, renewable energy.