We are staffed by licensed electricians and apprentices working under the supervision of those with a license. DC Energy Innovations was started by Dwayne Cormier in 2002. Dwayne has been a master electrician since 1996 and is fully experienced in all phases of electrical work.

The specialty of DC Energy is complex electrical work involving controls, but has diversified into security alarm work and renewable energy.  As the name implies, DC Energy Innovations was always intended to do more than standard electrical work. The company was created with the vision of working in the renewable energy industry, even before it became as popular as it is today. DC Energy has been installing renewable energy systems since 2005.

Some of our more notable renewable energy projects have been:

  • A solar photovoltaic (PV) system (124 kW) on Burlington Electric Department’s warehouse building in Burlington
  • Two solar farms for Green Mountain Community Solar (214 kW and 212 kW)
  • Several PV systems totalling 125 kW for Champlain Housing Trust
  • A PV system (52 kW) on the Old MacGregor’s Pharmacy Building in Winooski
  • A PV system (63 kW) for Mclure Moving and Storage in Essex
  • Northern Power 100 kW wind turbine for Green Mountain Power at Northland Job Corps in Vergennes

These projects enabled many to reap the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy.

All of our work is done by licensed electricans and qualified technicians, all of whom are DCEI employees. Whether it be wiring a house or installing a complex wastewater treatment plant, we will ensure the job is done efficiently, neatly, and to code. The same is true for all of our renewable energy and security alarm installations. We always strive to meet our customers’ schedules for job completion and take pride in our work.