DC Energy has just partnered with Generac to provide customers their PWRCell solar and battery storage systems. At DC Energy we have always been researching the best equipment to provide for our customers’ solar PV systems. The goal is to provide equipment that is not only simple to install, but also is easy to maintain and will work for a long time without regular need of part replacement or troubleshooting.

In 2019, Generac acquired a small solar inverter and energy storage company in Maine, called Pika Energy. We installed Pika Energy products before they were acquired by Generac. The Pika Energy system we installed is still working fine and has had no issues since we installed it. Generac, a leading manufacturer of home backup generators, has infused Pika Energy with a large amount of capital. This has enabled the Pika systems, now called Generac PWRCell, to be even more robust and efficient.

The other main advantage this system has is that it is designed to easily include energy storage. If you need to have battery backup in case the grid goes down, or if you have a utility with peak rates, or even if you just want to maximize the amount of solar you use yourself, energy storage can be right for you! With the PWRCell system you can easily add an energy storage system by simply adding the PWRCell batteries. No need for a second inverter. No need for a second manufacturer. The inverter and batteries are all from Generac and all can be monitored from the same monitoring portal.

Yet another advantage of the PWRCell system is that it uses string optimizers instead of one optimizer for each solar panel. It provides all the same advantages of the individual optimizer system but with far less electronics on the roof. This means far less things to go wrong with your system saving you money in the long term!